Private banking

Standard Bank Private banking offers discreet and proactive solutions to the multitude of financial needs and requirements present in the busy schedules of our clientele. From personal banking products and services, to the complex wealth management requirements that an individual may have, your Private Banker is dedicated to the fulfilment of your needs. Together with a highly qualified and experienced team of support bankers and specialists, your dedicated Private Banker and support team will act as your confidential interface with our financial and wealth advisers, both locally and offshore, to connect you to the vast resources the Standard Bank group has to offer. Some banks only offer VIP treatment when you're paying VIP prices. Private banking offers you the treatment you deserve, for a bundle charge option fee of N$465.

What does it offer me?

Your Private banking package is carefully considered to ensure it complements your lifestyle while taking care of your financial needs. Your Private banking package comes with your choice of cards, including a debit and/or credit card as well as a Private banking current account.

A Private banking current account which includes; 

  • Private banking cheque book
  • Master card gold platinum credit card
  • Dedicated Private banker and transactional banker
  • Door step banking (visitation schedule)
  • Private banking suite
  • Travel insurance

A range of savings and investments products which include;  

  • Pure save
  • Bouns plus
  • Call account 
  • 32 day notice
  • Fixed deposits
  • Fixed access account
  • Premium call account 
  • Plus plan savings account

A dedicated Private banker who will attend to your needs.Your dedicated Private banker will be your point of contact for all your banking and financial needs, as well as ensure that our full range of innovative and exclusive wealth creation and protection products, are at your disposal. Your Private banker will arrange periodic meetings with you at your home, office or in the Private Banking suite according to your requirements and at your convenience.


Qualifying criteria

Customers with a gross income of between N$70 000 per month qualify for this account. Commercial individuals with investable assets N$3million. Key stakeholders of a regulatory body, parastatal, NGO or government practicing professionals for example CA, Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Architects, Engineers 

Self service banking

Gone are the days of doing your banking at a branch and standing in queues to pay your monthly bills. Now you can do your banking and pay your bills from just about anywhere - your home, your office, or on the run.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, we have a range of self-service banking solutions for you to choose from.

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking (mobi-site)
  • Cellphone banking
  • App for tablet
  • MyUpdates
  • ATM



For personal lending your Private banker will help choose from a simple personal loan, an overdraft facility or even a customised medium-term loan

Your choice of lending options include;

  • Overdraft
  • Credit card
  • Home loan
  • Student loan
  • Vehicle and asset finance
  • Revolving credit plan loan
  • Smart Device Deals - We have teamed up with leading brands to bring you exclusive offers on smart device deals



Your Private banking package is carefully considered to ensure it complements your lifestyle while taking care of your financial needs. Our comprehensive offering encompasses status and priority, a full suite of products and services, access to your funds at your convenience, a credit portfolio designed to meet your needs and a balanced wealth creation and preservation portfolio.

Private Banking account pricing 2017



Standard Insurance Brokers (SIB)

Wealth management and growth

Wealth management is an integral part of the Private Banking offering. The products available vary in levels of sophistication depending on your needs. Your Private Banker will help identify the services that are most likely to suit your needs and then put you in contact with the most relevant specialists.

Our financial planners are qualified experts who will help you analyse your current wealth situation and assist you in developing an ongoing strategy to create, preserve and generally manage your wealth portfolio. They are experts that have access to a range of wealth products and services including trust formation, wills, structured and offshore investments, unit trusts and life assurance.

Standard Insurance Brokers offers a range of insurance products and services and negotiates with various underwriters so that you have a number of quotes to choose from when selecting a particular product.


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For any Private Banking related queries contact us on 061 294 9406 

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